Sunday, August 22, 2010

Metallica Redux( Are You Tired Of Them Yet?) and A Few Of My Favorite County Fair Peeps

The cards I had been making had been bugging me. They looked like 'loving hands at home an,d although I am a rank beginner, I kept thinking I could come up with something that looked at least a  little bit more professional looking. I thought about it a lot and realized that it was the backgrounds that I thought were distracting. They took away from the bling of the metal and somehow were very distracting. I tried using a black card background lightly and simply stamped but that too bothered me - more distraction. These are two more cards made from the same patterns I had been working with, simply mounted in Strathmore Photo Frame Card blanks. I like this effect much better than the others. Any suggestions or comments for me? I would appreciate some feedback!!

Next up are some of my favorite peeps from the County Fair - we held ours from Wednesday through Saturday last week. I have been surprised at how few goats (my favorites!) and sheep (my next favorite) were at the fair year. Probably one third of what it has been in years past. I always enjoy the chicks and ducks though and those, at least, were still plentiful. Next year my friend Lauren and I are going to get some chickens - they will be at her farmette and I will help with the chicken chores of course. A good reason to force me out of the house and then there is the though of fresh eggs too !
Poor baby - I wanted to break him out of jail and steal the feathers from his cage. I collect feathers so Lauren and I were collecting a lot for my collection - just from the floor and front of the cages of course

The chickens above are called Silver Spangled Hamburgs and they are what I would like to have - if they lay eggs that it. They remind me of the fur on my beloved cat Chellie - my white and black princess that I miss everyday. Below is my little quilt of Chellie.

These are egg laying ducks. I loved them ! They just cackled away. I felt badly actually because they had the kiddie rides right outside the chicken, duck and bunny tent and I can't help but think that the noise must have upset them more than usual.

I had to add a few new photos of Tillie. Those pink paddie paws captivate me and she looked so relaxed and drowsy after a good lunch of deli thin sliced turkey - she's become rather fond of her special treats!

That's it for today . Tillie says night night to all !


Sandy said...

I'm not sure what you are unhappy with on the cards. I like the way you framed them and like the black backgroud. It shows off the metal work better.
Our fair also has many fewer animals in it. There seems to be more booths selling stuff! We have chickens, and I collect the feathers. Nice kiddie photos.

sandra wyman said...

I love love love the cards.

Glad Tillie is enjoying life so much.

I have just returned from Festival of Quilts, with - amongst other things, Susan Shie's Kitchen Tarot - with complimentary drawing of Bixy (which will appear on my blog when I have recovered!

Jeannie said...

I really like the metal work you are doing. Have you thought of hitting the background with a little black ink so the motif pops a little more? I love how farm animals always seem to be smiling. Tillie is adorable! Have a great week.

Stacy Hurt said...

Beeeeutiful metalwork. I loves me some chickens! Those pink paddies would have my red lipstick all over them!

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