Monday, May 10, 2010

It's For The Birds!

 Three little beauties pause for a sip

I find such pleasure watching birds. Often I just get lost in their cheerful antics and sweet songs. This is my favorite time of year for birds - so many have returned for the season and the morning air is filled with song.  My bird feeding habits have expanded over the last few years. At first we were only feeding the humingbirds - and that entails a lot of time since we have 6 quart sized feeders going that require twice daily fills. At dusk we have, no kidding on this, about 25-30 birds ( as many as I could very quickly count!) per feeder stoking up for the chilly nights.

Now my fixation has grown to include all birds. We have quite a few feeders and suet holders that also require daily (and sometimes twice daily) filling. In the morning I generally spend my first waking minutes filling feeders and changing bird bath water - about a half hour - before my coffee or tea! They make me smile so much though that it seems worth the cost in time and food!

We have two sets of Downy Woodpeckers who stop by at least twice a day. They are especially fond of the suet cakes and will stop at nothing to get to it. I have half cakes stuffed in several places for their dining enjoyment. This fellow stops by this feeder first ..... and then he moves on to the next place - where his weight makes the feeder sway. It's really pretty funny to watch him do this acrobatic display!

Finches are just so darn sweet - it's hard not to love them. 
This one has a bit of a wistful look - like she's saying "is this all?"
Goldfinches are our state bird - and I am always so happy when I see them return to the feeders in the Spring time - such a brilliant yellow - and such varied black marking patterns!
Every feeder is generally this busy!
The hummers are a continual delight to me - I can - and often do - watch them for hours!


Sandy said...

I love watching the birds too. Simple pleasures.

Lynn Douglass said...

I'm tellin' you, Marie, we must be sisters! I spend every morning and evening, sitting on my patio watching the birds. Just as the sun begins to go into dusk, they really get busy! I've been snapping shots of finches, hummingbirds, scrub jays, juncos, mourning doves, robins, and sparrows. I just told Scott that we need to go shopping for more feeders and a bird bath. These little creatures really are quite entertaining to watch!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish there were hummingbirds visiting me now! Great snaps...

Kate said...

What a wonderful way to begin and end your days -- with the sweet birds! You have done a great job of attracting them and photographing them.

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