Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Bird Convention and A Great New Tote From C&T Publishing!


It's a convention! I sweep the deck daily but this is what it looks like before I get the broom out! 
This only a part of the deck too!  I have so much fun watching their antics and their personalities coming out

I wanted to mention another cool product that C&T has come out with. Have a look at these very roomy, well made tote bags that would be perfect for daily shopping, groceries, taking to work, using on a trip  (maybe take to a quilt camp?!) They are made of a sturdy plasticized material and have a full length zipper across the top. A handy removable insert keeps the bottom sturdy. and they fold flat for so that you could pack one in a suitcase for things like travel shopping or taking quilt shows. They are available in several different patterns from various quilt artists and, best of all, they are a real bargain at only $6.95 each!


Sara said...

I love the birds, are they finches? they look like right characters. I love the tote too. Hugs Sara

Sandy said...

What fun watching the birds. That is a great looking tote.

phonelady said...

Now you know i would feel right at home with the birdy convention going on in my backyard if i had one . LOL !!!

Kate said...

What happy little birds enjoying a morning treat! Not shy at all, from what I can tell.

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