Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WordPress - a thoughtful change

I am working on transferring this blog to a new host.
My new blog site will be:

Transferring the Blogger content to Wordpress was a cinch - so all of my post posts and comments are already there. I think I may cross-post for awhile until I get the hang of the WordPress Dashboard - which is very,very different from blogger.

I had thought of using WordPress in the past but never made a concerted effort to learn a the new system. I am currently reading a book about blogging that I will be reviewing (eventually I will also be moving my book blog) and it made a decent case for making the change. I am hoping to have the review on this book posted this coming weekend. It's an excellent read for both beginning and more experienced bloggers.


Raymond K. Houston said...

I recently launched a new blog on WordPress, Tessellation Nation. I agree that WordPress is very different from Blogger. Thank you; now I'm gonna look for this book . . .

beadbabe49 said...

I'll follow you for sure, but am wondering about your reasons for changing hosts?

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