Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Skin That Says "Mine"!

I am, apparently, a really a sucker for personalizing my things - I never used to think that I was but my actions speak louder than my thoughts! For instance - here is my IPod. My IPod travels with me most everywhere & I use it a lot - at work is my fav spot- not listening to music generally but books from Audible. I never used to think that I would like 'talking' books either but now I besotted with them! Most people know my IPod by the skin that's on it that I got  from GelaSkins. GelaSkins is a compnay that I have blogged about before when I got my first cool IPod skin from them. Recently they have made skins available that can be personalized with your own art work - for the same price as non-personalized. Could I possible resist this? Not!

Here is my new IPod cover using two of my drawings. GelaSkins has skins for most any mobile tool you may own from IPods of all types and sizes to cell phone and notebooks. Can you spell fabulous?!
I want more thins to put cool skins on! No! Iam not affiliated in any way what-so-ever. Just a tickled non-fashionista who loves personalized things! I also think that I proven to myself that I should never say never since I now love things like skins and 'talking' books. Life is very good !


Laura said...

That is too cool, Marie!

Penny said...

And how could anyone argue who the Ipod belongs to?
They are wonderful.

phonelady said...

I think that is just awesome boy I am so behind the times I dont have an ipod . I did not have a cell phone untill I was married . techno freak not . Oh well have a great day .

Michelle said...

How cool is that?! I immediately sent the link for the site to my 16-year old son....thanks for gaining me some "cool points"!

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