Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Last Of The Fall Leaves

If there was any question about the season today pretty much sealed the deal. This is how it looked outside of my door this morning. Since then we have had a strong cold front move through and the last of the leaves, those that have not been tracked into the living room, are on the ground now. The most insidious things to be brought in on un-wiped shoes are the pine needles. They get into everything and refuse to be removed without having to bend down and actually pull them out and insert them into the nose of the vacuum cleaner!

Recently I have become more and more involved in the book and book blog communities. For some time I have been rolling the idea of a separate book blog around in my head and, this weekend, I finally did it. I will do some cross posting at times when the books are very pertinent to both blogs, but more or less if it's about books it will be on my brand new blog ! I named it Books By The Willow Tree because of the willow tree that I used to go sit in to read at my Uncle's Jim's house. This grand old dame willow spread her branches lazily out over the Hudson River in upstate New York. I adored that tree & I loved my Uncle who was a large part of the reason that I am so book addicted today. He had a separate little house that served as his library. It was complete with a small wood burning stove and kerosene lamps. Peace in a little place. Anyway, if you're into books I would love it if you would join me at the willow tree!


Sandy said...

His own library. What an uncle to have. I know about the leaves and pine needles.

Crayons said...

Hello ZQ
How I appreciate the life force that springs forth from this blog. Both your attention to nature and your will to decorate touch me at a visceral level. I am eager to look at your book blog.

Also, from a city-dwelling one, embrace those annoying pine needles! The only thing I track into my apartment is sidewalk filth....

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