Thursday, October 8, 2009

What A Trade! Fingerless Mittens For Gorgeous Hand-Dyed Fabric!

You can double click on these photos
 to get a much better view of the gloves and the fabric!

I love make & wear fingerless gloves/mitts.  Making them is like therapy for me & wearing them has proven to be the cure for my endlessly cold hands in the winter - when I wear them almost around the clock! I offered to send  mitts to cyber friend Terri Cohen (owner of From Here to Quilt Eternity) who said "sure! I'd like to try them" so I popped a dusty plum colored pair in the mail  - hoping that she would enjoy them.

Fast forward about a week and an envelope arrives that is filled with glorious hand dyed fabric. It was a "thank-you" from Terri! I had neither expected nor wanted anything in return and I definitely think that I got the best of this 'gifting' ! Terri sent a six piece gradation of browns as well as yardage of my favorite green ever and a glorious, eye popping, piece of red. Her hand-dyes are lush and beautiful and I was thrilled to see them!

I ask you- don't you agree that I got the best of this ?!! Anyone else need a pair of fingerless mitts??!! Thank you Terri - your generosity was not expected but I can't wait to find the perfect quilt to use these fabrics in!! Who says cyber friends aren't 'real' friends??!


phonelady said...

wow that stuff is awesome . You guys just crack me up at times . Yeah those colors are awesome . take care and thanks for sharing and posting .

imquilternity said...

You're welcome Marie! Although, I think I got the best of the deal! :)) I love my mitts and will be sharing about them on my blog soon. They fit so well and are warm and cozy...I love wearing them! I'm glad we're both happy. Take care, my friend.

Sandy said...

Great trade.

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