Monday, September 21, 2009

Peggy Gelbrich's "Wheel Of Mystery" Class

 Setting up.
A roomful of 20 wonderful quilters in a perfect space to have fun!

Sunday was a great day - in every way. The weather was quintessential Fall. Bright blue skies & warm enough for short sleeve- or for some even, sleeveless! It was a fun day of visiting with friends that I had not seen in far too long - my fault for being such a hermit! It was also a day for a great class from fabulous teacher peggy Gelbrich of Yellow House Quilts.

Peggy in front of her Wheel of Mystery quilt

I had taken a class from Peggy some years ago (there are quite a few classes that I would like to take from her). Peggy is an excellent teacher! Her patterns are, for the most part, traditional based, but Peggy's real gift is thinking through patterns and discovering ways to make them more easy to construct. She has mathematical sort of mind that just comes up with brilliant ways to sew patterns. Her other gift as a teacher is her high spirit and her devotion to her students. Peggy never sits down! She is always on the move - walking from table to table, person to person, helping or just chatting - she's a gem!I want to take Peggy's "Pine Burr" class as well as her "Crossed Canoes" class ... oh! and there are more than that on my list! Have a look at her web-site and you may see why I say that!

We used a template set from John Flynn - he calls them "Wheels of Mystery". Marti Michell also makes a template set for this quilt that she calls "Winding Ways". Peggy told us that the difference in templates is that the Flynn templates have sut off edges - making matching easier - she added that of course both would work quite well. I have to chime in that I agree with Peggy - that having the cut off teplate edges does, indeed, make matching easier.

Winding Ways, Wheels of Mystery, has always been a favorite pattern of mine. It makes one heck of a wonderful bed quilt (or wall hanging or sofa quilt). It is, simply a matter of placing light on dark and paring it with a dark on light block. The blocks we made used the templates for a 9 inches  block. I had started a quilt of blue batiks using pattern some time ago and now I think it's time to pull it out and maybe (gasp) finish it - or put it in line behind my Darlene Zimmermann quilt! I like this pattern too because it qualifies, I think, for "slow cloth". It's not a strip, zip and done kind of quilt....yes, I like this slowness in some things!

Here of some of the early blocks that folks made on the design wall. 
Proves the point that, as long as darks and lights are alternated - anything will work!

The quilt above is actually just a piece of paper with a pattern on it from the book "Winding Ways Quilts:A Practically Pinless Approach" by Nancy Elliott McDonald.  I became enthralled with the  bloack placement in this rendition and, of course, had to look up the book which, oddly enough, had been on my wish list for a couple of years!

We were also treated to see a couple of completely hand-made quilts by a member's 90+ year old mother. This is hand appliqued and hand quilted. The other quilt, was a Wheel of Mystery quilt that he mother had made - also all by hand. Unfortunately, I was dawdling and missed the opportunity to photograph this glorious example of the Wheel of Mystery quilt done at it absolute best!

I had a great day. I was reminded of my need for the friendship of these women that a have know for so long now- and I was also really pleased to make some new friends. Having one member tell me that they wished I would come to meetings more often often really touched me - as she said is in a very heart felt manner.  Thank you Mary (our new Guild President!) I sometimes need to be pushed out of comfy hermit shell - and I need to acknowledge that I should always make time for friendships in my life - something that I forget to do at times. I get really involved in my own work and think that I must use all of my free time to devote to them - which I do feel like I need to do because some of my time is lost now thanks to the wonders of dreaded "fibro fogs". Yes, it really was a good day!


sandra wyman said...

Yes I know how easy it is to forget that we're basically social animals! I look forward to art classes resuming this week as I really need a creative break from my own company!... Winding ways is one of my favourite patterns as is Pine Burr - but I have four quilts to make before Christmas before I can really start to indulge myself.
Grat to see your creative day out!

phonelady said...

You sound like you had a really good time and alot of fun and of course you should go home and make another quilt LOL !!!!

Jaye said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope you will stop by again. I really like the header image on your blog. Lots of interesting things to look at. I also like the texture.

Karoda said...

Marie, if we lived near one another we'd probably not see one another hardly ever...both having tendencies to hermit-ize ourselves. :)

I had a similiar revelation last Friday at a show and tell I did with a Senior citizens quilting group...they are teaching themselves to quilt and having a ball. I'm going to try and pop in at least once a month I had such a great time.

La Tea Dah said...

I really like the Wheels of Mystery quilt. It's a beautiful design.


tiedyejudy said...

I'm the same... get soooo involved with my work that I have to push myself out the door! But it is great to get together with others who share our interests! Blog-surfing helps, but we do need to bond on a physical level as well! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day...

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