Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's On My Needles?

I have I have a couple of new yarns & projects to tell y'all about. First off - and only because I up loaded the photos that way- is a wonderful pattern from Louisa Harding's lovely book "Knitting Little Luxuries" that I borrowed from the library. I am, generally speaking, not much of a frou frou person, although truth be told, I always had a secret wish that I could be a girlie girl - you know someone with perfect nails & hair &, perhaps, even makeup. I never likes pastel colors, or pleats & fluff for me. I liked fitted jackets and jeans. Simple. I was the girl who loved to shoot tournament skeet, "drive" the sit upon lawn mower and do things things that were decidedly not girly girl. In my approaching dottage however, I have found that pink is indeed a tint that belongs on the color wheel, that a certain, very subdued bit of lace is not a bad thing and that I can secretly covet the things a la Louisa Harding and not feel guilty!
I saw this book and this beautiful glove pattern on Ravelry and fell in love. A little frou frou but not too much. Kollage yarns has a new yarn out called, oddly I thought, " 1/2 & 1/2". I heard the name and had to go to their webite to see what the yarn is made of and, sure enough, it's made from half milk! I can't fathom how they use milk protein with wool but they and it is a beautiful, soft combination that I think will show stitch defination to advantage. I am planning to use their deep blue for a pair of the elegant fingerless gloves Isn't this a lovely lttle wrap? I may just have to consider making this - which would mean that I might have to buy the book at some point - or borrow it from the library again for an extended period!
Ah! Shawls! I love shawls and I love making shawls. I have to admite to a fondness for Cheryl Oberle's Book "Folk Shawls". The first shawl pattern that I ever knit was made from left over Noru Kuryeon yarn and with a pattern from this book. Now I am, happily making the Aran Pocketed Shawl. I found this incredible Misty Alpaca yarn on Webs - and at an amazingly low price. This is a yarn that I just enjoy "petting". It's one of the softest Alpaca yarns that I have ever felt - and I admit to being an Alpaca or Alpaca- Silk fanatic. I have plans to work my way through several other wonderful shawl patterns - and maybe I will evben make a frou frou princess shawl of lacy yarn !


phonelady said...

I love shawls as well and they are so convient to just run outside for a minute to get the mail or whatever etc ... I tried working on a shawl last yr and it just got put aside . I think I might drag it out again who knows with me .

Karoda said...

the pocketed shawl is great...and i like te colour you've selected.

Sandy said...

I like the fingerless gloves you do and just might have to try some. I love shawls too-wrapped up in the yarn we so love.

La Tea Dah said...

Love. . .l o v e. . .LoVe. . .lOvE. . .L O V E. . .those gloves!

Hi, and how are you?


Jacq said...

Hi Marie, I love both of your knitting projects. I was able to go to the Sock Summit in Portland last weekend and was sooooo inspired. Too much yarn and not enough time.


i need to stop collecting yarn and put something back on the needles. i am afraid i have become a terrible yarnaholic.

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