Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today I Found One Of The Most Awesome Yarns I've Ever Seen!

Today I walked in my LYS, Island Wools, looking for a replacement for my wonky Addi Turbo 24" size 8 circular needle. In looking for the needles I noticed that Skacel has replaced the material they use in the Addi Turbos. The new material (not for the needle part - they are still the same favorite needle) is more like the connector they have been using for their Lace needles. I have only used it to know several rows - but I think it's a nice change. I was just surprised.

As I was poking about in the store I spied a small basket of the most glorious new yarn that I have seen in a VERY long time. This yarn, aptly called, "Astral" is made by The Alpaca Yarn Company and is a scrumptious mix of 50 % Tencel, 30 % Alpaca and 20 %Merino. The sheen is like nothing I have ever seen - even in expensive silk skeins. Soft? Oh! My Gosh! Can you spell h-e-a-v-e-n ??!! The skeins offer a lusty 197 yards (180.137 meters) in each 100 gram hank - it's a dk weight and sugested needle is a size 7US.

I bought a teal & a black, although I think I may well have to save my pennies & buy enough of their wine color to make a shawl. The black is earmarked for fingerless gloves and I am not sure about the teal yet. All I can suggest is that you seek this yarn out & buy some. I know that you too will be utterly amazed at the sheen and brilliance - and that oh! So! soft feel. Gheck out the website - their photos really do this special yarn much better justice! It was a good time to stop by the yarn store! The basket is not as full now as I simply had to coerce a fellow shopper to also purchase two skeins - she must have thought me to be a looney local!


Judy H in NC said...

don't stare at the yarn, don't stare at the yarn...remember 3 college classes, remember 3 college classes....sorry, I just drooled on your yarn.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

oh you tease....I am not as big on yarn work as I am on quilt work, but this does look very very nice! Don't forget to post progress pix.

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