Monday, August 31, 2009

Congratulations To My Friend Sarah!

Sarah was just called to let me know that she had just heard that she has a won a cash prize of some sort at The Houston International Quilt Show this year!!! This is the most exciting thing, well almost, that can happen in a quilter's life. She will be walking up to the podium and accepting flowers and m-o-n-e-y !!!! Sarah has had a year that has had it's share of low points and I am so dang happy for her that her star is on the rise again! Well done my friend. Well done.


phonelady said...

wow what an accomplishment and great feat for her and I know she looks happy . well wishes coming from this side of the country .

Dale Anne said...

I'll go post a CONGRATS on her blog!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

And oh what a total schlepp I am for only seeing this now.... You are SUCH a love and dear friend! I don't think I've read blogs in about three months....sigh... I need my merry-go-round to SLOW DOWN! Thank you and hugs, me!

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