Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some More Digital Print Playtime

This little frame was made from paper and a napkin that attracted me -
from a meeting I attended last week. It was perfect for this!
My enthusiasm continues unabated for adventures with Golden Digital Grounds. I have made about dozen new prints on silk organza and chiffon; here are just a few from the weekends play. Not all are ready yet as cards or anything - but they will be soon!

This is a print on silk chiffon -

you can see how thin it is - and easy to write on as well .
AS always you can double click on the photos for my clarity.

The image below is printed on bleached Harem Cloth printed

on a thin acrylic base of Golden clear tar gel.

I altered my all time favorite poster (probably because I was there at too young an age, admittedly, and wish I still had the ticket stub!) This was printed on Cotton Voile from Dharmatrading - where I got all of my fabrics


Karoda said...

Seeing your results makes my head spin with the possibilities...I prolly shouldn't have read this tonight, I will not sleep! :)

Judy H in NC said...

You are just toooooooo talented. I, on the other hand, am sewing velco strips (which I've had to cut in half lengthwise) to strips of foam and then cut those up to make head bands for the inside of the hats the marching band needs to they won't slip around.

Sandy said...

These are wonderful. A whole new world to explore.

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