Sunday, May 3, 2009

Joss Papers & More

Joss papers. I wanted joss papers & one day last week I went in search of some on the web. I stumbled upon this fabulous online collage 'store' that has an enormous variety of joss papers, orientally inspired ephemera as well as a wide selection of mixed media treasure. SkyBluePink has the widest variety of joss paper I have ever seen. All shapes and sizes - many that I did not know existed and all at very reasonable prices.
By tradition joss papers are folded & burned in ceremonies that honor deities & ancestors. Ostensibly, they are offered to ensure that ancestors have enough worldy goods to sustain them in the afterlife. Some Buddhists do not use them thinking that it is incorrect to want ones ancestors to be sutained by material goods - and I can't really disagree with that belief. I do know, however, that joss papers are beautiful. Generally made from bamboo paper they are often gilt with gold or silver, or, as I now know, with wonderful inscriptions and designs. Joss papers are, I think, a gold mine for artists. When I use one I generally offer up a prayer for one person or thing or another. That seems a good way to make use of this amazing,beautiful paper. I can't imagine a better selection of them being available anywhere else. SkyBluePink has an amazing selection of other wonderful treasures and they offer reasonable shipping costs as well. Check out what they offer ! No affilliation etc etc - just a surprised, plesed new customer!
Above you can see a packet of mahjong cards and small chinese coins, along with a packet of chinese money envelopes - decorated in rich reds and gold.
Packets of different varieties of joss papers and other oriental papers
They also carry things like these tiny paint dabbers -
which I have found to be super helpful when doing small detail work.


La Tea Dah said...

You are always an inspiration, Marie! Love those inks and beautiful papers!


Judy H in NC said...

If you can't find any locally, I'll send you one, but I can get cheaply printed newspapers here in Chinese/Japanese characters. Makes a great background.

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