Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You Want To Learn More About Acrylic Paints,Mediums & Gels These Two Books Are Perfect!

These two books were written by Chris Cozen who is a Golden 'Working Artist. When I first noticed them they sounded as if they would be perfect for me - since they addressed all of the things that I was specifically interested in. I read the reviews & several people indicated that this is a very slim book - almost a pamphlet,that the photos were small & that the author did not mention that other products could be substitued (why would a Golden working artist promote another companies products though?!). After reading more I decided that I would wait to spend the money on these two books - and got some other titles instead.
The other books that I got (one of them is by another Golden working Artist Patti Bradycalled "Rethinking Acrylic") are excellent & I am glad that I added them to my library. I was still , however, drawn to these books - so I ordered them. I am SO glad that I did! These two books - and yes they really are more like 50 odd pages of a large pamphlet - are packed with exactly the information I wanted about transferring images and using the wide variety of available acrylic mediums. Yes, the photos are small - but they are quite suitable to the the information that is being presented. The lay-out is excellent. Pictures of what mediums & gels work to achieve a particular result. Clear, concise & to-the-point. I highly recommend these two titles if you want to know about using acrylic paints, mediums & gels to the best advantage. I found a "recipe" for a glaze in "Altered Surfaces" that works besutifully! Thus far each technique that I have tried using theses books for inspiration has been a success & I am far more confident in my use of mediums and gels now too! These books are available through Amazon, your local independent book seller & good art supply places.


Karoda said...

Hi Marie, I received the one on transfers a few weeks ago. I was very pleased with the instructions so I added the other to my was a plus that she is a Golden artists since I love their products and website.

I use to use my instructional books as if I was in a semester long course but have soooo gotten away from the discipline of doing that. I get them and then lay them aside in order not to get distracted. I keep saying "no more books" but even today I used 2 50% off coupons at Joann's and got a book on fabric beads and another called Canvas Remix. I'm hopeless.

Fannie said...

thanks for the book reviews!

Chris said...

Marie, Thank you for your comments on my books, Altered Surfaces and Transfers & Altered Images. Naturally I am most familiar with the Golden line of products since I work almost exclusively with them, but given the nature of Acrylics it is reasonable to expect the many other product lines to behave with similar outcomes. So my advice is always to experiment with what you have and see what happens. The thing with Golden is that you always get a quality product that will not compromise your work.

Once again, thanks a lot!

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