Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Sweet Tooth Cure That's Also Incredibly Easy!

I have a sweet tooth & I love to bake. I have no doubt that we would be much healthier ,& more svelte as well, if I enjoyed making entrees as much as I like to bake! The only thing better than baking an involved cookie, cake or bread is being able to bake something that tastes as though it took far more time to make than it really did. This is one of those recipes! My co-worker Jeanette, a/k/a the Baker Babe, brought these in to work one day. I just about swooned. and immediately made a pig of myself. I now insist that Jeanette bring in the recipe for anything that she brings in for us to try. That was how I managed to purloin this incredible recipe. I have seldom tasted anything this good - or this quick to prepare. Try them - you will not regret it!

Sticky Buns / Monkey Bread

From Jeanette Longan

Grease a Bundt pan.

Place 18-24 frozen Rhodes or Bridgeford dinner rolls (in freezer section of grocery store) in the bundt pan.

Sprinkle with one half of a box of Butterscotch Pudding Mix (NOT the instant variety – you need the cook and serve one.

In another pan cook 1.5 sticks of butter or margarine and 1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar. Stir constantly, until the mixture bubbles & boils & the butter & sugar no longer separate.

Pour over the rolls.

Sprinkle heavily with cinnamon and chopped pecans or walnuts.

Cover with foil and set the pan on the counter overnight to rise


Remove the foil cover and bake in a 350 oven for 30-35 mintues or until brown.

Remove from oven – let stand for 5 minutes.

Invert onto a plate that is LARGER than the Bundt pan so that the caramel does not run over.
E –N-J-O-Y!!!!

Sometimes I just want to make these buns in a day and not wait overnight for them. To to this :
1.Follow the "Night Before" instructions and get the pan all ready to go.
2.Heat the oven to 200 . When it gets to 200. Turn the overn off.
3.Boil a pan of water. Place the pan of water in the turned off on a lower rack - place the prepared bundt pan on the rack above the boiling water. After awhile the rolls will begin to rise (as they would have done f resting over night).
4. Bake as indicated in the recipe!


Stacy said...

U are the D E V I L!

btw: love the corvids work. Bird silhouettes look easy but in reality; I find them difficult to do; you've got them spot on!

Karoda said...

and I thought we were friends...i know i've gained 10 pounds just by looking at the photo!

MeZee said...

I am gaining weight every time I look at the pictures!

Lynn Douglass said...

Oh my gosh! My booty is gonna look just like this! LOL. I do love a good baking recipe!

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