Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something To Caw ABout

I had a "to do" list this past weekend and I surprised no one more than myself when I actually managed to finish the list! One of the things I had wanted to was to add more pages in the new journal that I started. I have a new journal partner now whose name is Judy. The journal swap program is from the Yahoo Group Blissfully Art Journaling. Once you are paired with a partner you swap your journals out once a month for a year. I knew that a journal page or two a month for a year was something that I could commit to. I am really looking forward to seeing the results! I know I will learn a lot and, although Kim (BAJ's list mom) could not have known it when she paried us, Judy & I actuallly share many common experiences. Very interesting! We will be sending off our journals to each other next week & so I have wanted to do some introductory pages about myself. I'll finish the pages up this coming weekend in time to get the "little black book" sent off in the post early next week. Of course no introduction of myself would be complete without a page that honors my love of Corvids (crows & ravens).

I found a new technique that I wanted to try in a book I have been browsing through about Book Binding. I used a candle to drop wax "droplets" onto paper, applying paint coats in between. The wax becomes a resist. I really liked the effect that I got but, as with anything, I need some practice. I also think that soy candles might be easier to remove than the old candle that I had on hand - that had been languishing in a drawer awaiting the next power outage. I think the technique - which could not be any simpler really - bears some further experimentation. Of course this technique is now making me think about seeing what encaustics is all about. There is always something new to try isn't there?


sandra wyman said...

Love this! But then I'm a crow fan too; magpies as well (we get a lot round here!) Had forgotten about candle blobs; drawing with candle/wax crayon also works as a resist and you don't need to get it out afterwards; also oil pastels - especially good with ink. Mind you, you probably know all this already...

judy coates perez said...

you are so right, there are so many ideas, that pop up that want exploring. One of these days I want to take a class with Judy Wise on encaustics, don't you just want to try everything, lol?

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