Sunday, March 15, 2009

Body Armour

A while back there was a Prompt on Blissfully Art Journaling called Body Armour. I couldn't think of anything that this meant to me and certainly could not visualize my own! Sometimes things must take awhile to percolate in one's sub-consciousness because as I was doodling a day or so agao this is what popped up. I realized that it is a good rendition of what I think my armour might look like. Unfortunately I was using plaing colored pencils - it might have looked better with paint, ink or water color pencils but on the other hand it now has a certain rough quality that somehow does seem to fit the concept!

I have a few book reviews coming up - hopefully I will start posting them tomorrow. Time is just whipping by. We are still enjoying a full range of weather from hail and snow to a perfectly good "November" wind and rain storm today. The humming birds will be back soon - I hubg their first feders today as they start returning around Saint Patrick's day usually. I will blink again and it will be full summer ! Happy Sunday to all.

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