Monday, February 16, 2009

Yesterday's Wildlife

I had planned to write about some new projects today but decided that a few of the photos I took yesterday might be more entertaining. This is the 'gal' that I suspect might be sharing a den with the black fox that I have posted about previously. They seem to always be together in the back fields and it is the seasons for kits. Isn't that one beautiful fox?!

This is how feeding time begins. The sky begins to fill with winged ones - yesterday there were about a dozen eagles, some turkey vultures and un-countable crows. They arrive from every direction when the dinner bell sounds (actually they seem to have become accustomed to the sound of the car).
The eagles like to perch in the tops of trees.
Here are three eagles beginning the swoop down for some food.
Tomorrow, I will return to my regularly scheduled 'programming'!


sandra wyman said...

Really enjoying your fox photographs! Very handsome ones too.

Laura said...

AMAZING photos, Marie!

jenclair said...

She is gorgeous!

beadbabe49 said...

Fine, fine photos! We have a pair of eagles who live around the bay but I've never gotten such close up shots of them!

Linda East said...

Ok that first guy looks really "foxy"...and the eagles are so Great pics

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