Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine WIshes

This was DH's "card" to me. I think it touched me more than any purchased card could have. Of course it was accompanied by a whopping sized bouquet that included my favorite sunflowers and stargazer lilies! On our first date, DH brought me the largest bouquet I had (or have) ever seen - two armloads full of glorious blooms that took me almost an hour to arrange !

My wish for you all is that you mean the world to someone special - you're all special to me for taking the time to read my ramblings!

ps: thanks also to author Heather Cortez for expressing the sentiment
and to for the drawing!


Robin said...

Sweet guy! You two have a fabulous day. And, yes, meaning the world to someone special has got to be the best of life's rewards! I'm happy that you do! Hugs, Robin

sandra wyman said...

No special person anymore but I have been cossetting myself today, aided by the felines. DH and I weren't so good at the formalities of Valentines Day - but I do remember one year I started the day with breakfast in bed of heart-shaped toast with heart-shaped poached eggs on!

Sandy said...

How wonderful.

La Tea Dah said...

Happy Valentine's Day --- such beautiful sentiments on a lovely card.


Jan said...

I had given my DH a plaque with this same saying for this office a number of years ago. When we got married 17 months ago I had a local artist make us another plaque with our bedroom colors with the same saying on it. It is so true. Sounds like you have a great DH.

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