Monday, February 23, 2009

An ATC Swap

A week or so ago I traded an ATC with Terri. I received the amazing little jewel on the top here. Terri has a real sense of color anf form that I just love! I sent her one that was similar to one on the bottom. I always seem to get on these creative 'bandwagons' just a bit late but kismet struck and an a new ATC swap was announced today on Creative Souls. Stacy Alexander has graciously agreed to host this swap - and has invited anyone who is interested to join in. It only requires that you produce 4 ATC's and get them to her by March 15th. You will receive 3 back - she is holding an extra one from each person's pack because there are always peole who say they will and then they won't kind of thing. That way everyone will get a full set - even if someone reneges. If you want to participate contact Stacy . I am posting the guidelines below! Stacy will email you with the information about where to send your ATC's. Hope that you will consider joing in this fun.

Please send four ATC's on time to arrive by March 31, to: Cards will not be accepted after March 31. You will receive three in return. I will hold back one, because with every swap I have hosted, there have been people who have signed up to participate who don't send in their cards, or send them in late, so I want to make sure everyone gets cards. If any are left over, they will be distributed randomly outside of the swap, done in kindness for inspiration as appropriate. (Last time, I gave some to an artist who was dying of a serious illness. Things like that.) If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them for you. The important thing is to have a good time while you make your cards and don't stress!

This is another of those things that I wish I would have known about at the get go. What a wonderful idea this was. To send out blank journals round robin style (in quilting that's what we call this kind of thing!). Here is a blurb about this cool book/DVD for those of you , like me, who would love to have been able to participate in such a cool project.
1000 Journals on DVD!

In the summer of 2000, a San Francisco artist who calls himself Someguy sent 1000 blank journals into the world. The instructions stamped into each journal were simple: add anything you like, then pass it on to a friend or stranger. Three years later, one journal, Journal 526, returned to him, full. What happened to the other 999 journals? This film tells their stories.

Filmmaker and Creative Souls member Andrea Kreuzhage traveled around the world in search of journals and their keepers. She says:
1000 blank journals are passed from hand to hand on a random, serendipitous course, slowly turning into graffiti walls, confessionals and museums where every contributor is an artist. The 1000 Journals Project prompted an avalanche of requests to take part in something no single person could achieve alone: To possess and consume isn't the goal. This is all about creating and sharing.

The people we interviewed talk about their individual experiences with the journals: from "the fear of the white page," the challenge to find one's voice and express it creatively, reactions to provocative journal entries, to the realization that what's created in the journals isn't anyone's to keep. At the beginning of the film, Someguy poses the question: what happens to our creativity as we grow older? When we open the pages of the journals, we can't help but be inspired…

The 1000 Journals Project encouraged thousands of people to start their own communal projects, and so will our film. The 1000 Journals Project inspires to draw, write, make collages, ask and answer questions, and gives people an opportunity to see and experience what other people, the world over, created. Our film will help keep this dialog alive, and will give many more an opportunity to see inside these journals, to hear these voices, and to experience this unique, collaborative exchange.

Finally, after a year on the world-wide festival circuit, the DVD of this magic and inspiring film is available, loaded with extras, subtitles, commentary, and more. It includes a reversible cover so you can add your own artwork. You can get the DVD on Visit for images, videos, reviews, and information about upcoming screenings and events.

Mixed Media with painting and drawing and collaging was something that I never, in a thousand years, would have thought I would be interested in. Adding visual elements was a natural though since I have journaled for many years. Now I find that I spend a lot of time considering visualing journaling and all of the amazing things that this allows me to incorporate into my journals. I tend to follow where the muse leads me and right now I seem to be following down the merry lane of visual journaling - all the while planning my next large quilt projects - one art quilt and one "traditional" bed quilt!


artist victoria o'neill said...

I'm going to do the ACEO swap. I have never done a swap, and have not made an ACEO in a couple of years, so it will be fun.....

Stacy Alexander said...

I had a blast hosting this swap. I hope everyone had fun making their cards!


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