Monday, January 12, 2009

Historical Monday: Well At Least The Fabrics Are!

I had thought that I would make Monday's posts have a historical flavor, and in a way that is actually true for this post, although at first glance you might not think so! I am a self confessed silk addict & I have a pile of silks in my sewing area. I often sit on the floor & just take them all out. I look at them, feel them, marvel at them. They make me happy. All of the odd bits have a historical flavor because they are old - vintage that is. My silks come from Ah!Kimono!. Cheri, the owner of Ah!Kimono!, supplies silk addicts like me with a plethora of possibilities. Cheri offers all types of beautiful silks on her website and, in addition, she also offers various 'clubs' - a monthly 'hit', so to speak, that is sent to you automatically. I stopped getting the monthly mailing for a time, but soon realized how much I missed it - so I've re-upped. It's my monthly treat to myself! There are clubs to fit any budget or any needs. If you are a 'silky' kind of person like me have a look at the possibilities that Cheri offers - you won't be sorry that you did! I have never really known what I would do with these bits of fabrics. I hold out the largest pieces for a jacket that I am planning to make & I have found the smaller pieces to be a real resource ,that I am glad to have had on hand, for the pen rolls that I have been making recently. Just being able to marvel at these fabrics is good enough for me - they are amazing small works of textile art and the variety that I now have is fabulous - well worth the cost of the club!

I thought that it might be fun for you to enjoy the monthly offerings along with me. Cheri gets to know her club members; what colors they like, what sizes they prefer. It's rather like having a friend shop for fabrics for you. She has a knack of choosing just the right fabrics to make you smile as you open the package. The top photo shows the five pieces of silk that were selected for me in this month's treasure pack. Below is a photo of two of the exquisite pieces. Notice that my favorite colors run through the variety? Cheri also knows that I love greens and teals as well!
I like this piece because it is reversible! Look at those two amazing sides to one piece of fabric!
These last two are a bit more green than the photo shows - the piece on the left has some green 'smudges' running through it and the piece on the right is just a bit greener in general than the light managed to capture. The golden color is quite correct though - they are beautiful.


Vicki W said...

Those are lovely fabrics!

Liz Watkin said...

I am also a silk addict! Currently working on my first crazy patchwork quilt using orange, tomato red and coral silks.

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