Sunday, December 28, 2008

Towards An End & A Beginning

I chose this photo to represent my hopes for the New Year because it is an explosion of color. I was having a very good time when I dyed this piece of fabric; I was with friends & I was surrounded with color! Color is one element that I want to continue to wallow in during the new year. I want to create; to learn to use color more dynamically & to work on my painting & whole cloth quilting techniques. There! I have stated one of my resolutions for 2009!

I take resolutions, for the new year or otherwise, fairly seriously & so I try to make only those resolutions that I believe I have a good chance of following through on. Resolutions are promises to myself. I don't make promises lightly & sometimes that means that I take some time to think things through before I commit to something.

Another thing that I seriously want to do this year is to follow the Artist's Way in a bit more committed manner - completing a chapter per week. It would be good to have other people doing this at the same time - sometimes other commitments get in the way & having someone else to help keep me on track would make it easier for me to make this a resolution rather than a "want to". I'll hold off on my decision on this!

I want to stay healthy. I want to take time to watch the clouds flow through the sky. I want to celebrate every day in a creative way. Life is too short & it really is the small things that make life beautiful. Celebrations of life need not be earth shaking; appreciating how the snow looks loaded on heavy branches; how the Towhees flit back & forth searching for something to eat under the snow; how the swans nestle together on the ice;how nice it is to see my spouse come through the door at the end of a day; a friend's voice on the phone; a letter written with fountain pen & real ink; an email from a friend asking why I have not posted in a couple of days; the wonder of even having 'cyber' friends at all! It's the small things I want to celebrate this year.

I would love to hear what you are planning for your New Year ... what do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to go? What will you celebrate? How do you want to live this new year? Whatever you chose my wish for everyone is for a year that will be filled with color, laughter, friendships, love, good health, light, creativity & just a touch of magic !



Vicki W said...

Wow, that is one cool piece of fabric! This year I want to finish some of my UFO projects and spend mroe time exploring EQ.

Judy Sall said...

Marie, what a beautiful piece of cloth! I love the colors and the design is fabulous!
If you do decide to go thru The Artist's Way I would be interested as well... I've had the book for years, and never got through the whole thing! Maybe 2009 is the time...
I am working up the courage to try and improve my eating/exercise habits starting in 2009, and hopefully continuing on from there.
I really love having time to immerse myself in my art, and hope to make that a bigger part of my life next year.
Happy 2009 to you!


Robin said...

You always make me think and to connect with my inner being. Thanks so much!

Robin A.

judy coates perez said...

gorgeous hand dye Marie, I love the colors!

I made an attempt at getting through the artist way about 12 years ago, I could never do the writing. I am just not a writer. But I did accomplish many of the goals that I had set out in the beginning, so it was very productive.

happy new year!

jenclair said...

What a beautiful symbol to announce your plans for the coming year!

I've been making plans for the last few days and will post about them soon. I love the sweeping out of the old year (even with appreciation of all that the year brought, I like the clean slate idea) and the anticipation of the new year, just waiting for all of the "celebrations of life" that you mention!

Happy New Year, Marie!

Karoda said...

I've been working out what I want for 2009...I hope to get the post up soon over at Seamless Skin.

And I keep thinking the silver cloud in this economic downturn is that humanity will deeply and more rootedly embrace the simple and elegant beauty in our daily existence.

sandra wyman said...

I too intend to have a erious go at The Artists Way this year - are we getting a group together here?
Also love that cloth. Personally I think your only issue with colour in convincing yourself how good you are at it!

Will post my resolutions on my blog in the next day or so!

La Tea Dah said...

Great post --- I had no 'resolutions' until I read your post. So, here goes:

1. to be more organized

2. to simplify my life (by getting rid of things)

3. to spend more time sewing/crafting/quilting and FINISHING what I start

4. to take better care of my health; exercise

5. to connect more faithfully with friends and loved ones

Happy New Year!!!


Jeannie said...

I wish you joy, creativity, and health in 2009. Thank you for sharing your art, obsessions(LOL!), and yourself with me this past year. Cheers.

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