Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Golden Play

This little piece was not quite dry when I took the photos of the other cards that I posted today. I used the same gesso techniques - but some used gold leaf rather than paint to emphasize the gessoed areas. I made this for a challenge - but unfortunately I no longer remember which place the challenge was! Ohhhh - this is bad when it was only a week or so ago and I have forgotten where the idea came from ! I remember that the blog owner said that she had contemplated not doing a challenge this month because everyone gets so busy - but she decided to post it anyway. You needed to use a recognizable part of the picture of the girl, which I chose to paint rathe than print,cut & glue. The prompt for this challenge was 'beginnings'. Anyone know where this challenge was?? Anyway, I think this card, larger than the others, turned ot well. and I like it I enjoyed doing the painting of the face and I liked the layers on the paper, the gesso and the gold leaf. I sure have been having fun lately...now I must need to buy some more Ginko for that memory lapse!


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hey Marie, the challenge was at Mind Wide Open. It's a shame you missed entering because this piece is beautiful! I'd lvoe to see you join us next month. It's funny, right now your post asking which blog it was that issued the challnege is right next to the Mind Wide Open badge in your right hand sidebar. You were that close! ;-)

Sandy said...

Very nice. The painted face is better than any cut and paste.

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