Sunday, December 21, 2008

December Take It Further: What Is It To Give?

First off - the updated photo from this morning. A foot of snow. For us that's " a WoW!

This is the last Take It Further Challenge for 2008. I have really enjoyed this monthly challenge & have learned a lot along the way. Although I have missed some month's, it has been wonderful to have included these challenges in my creative life! The question that was posed for this month was "what is it to give", along with an appropriate color scheme. As always, you could pick the color scheme to work with - or the verbal suggestion - or, as I prefer to do, a combination of the two. I love the rich, warm colors of this season & angels are some of my preferred beings. Yes, I DO believe in them. It seemed natural to me that I should combine the two! I painted a background that I added the image of a painted angel to. If I had the power to "give" -the things that I would give, that I would wish for all people, and for all nations as well, would be hope & blessings. Blessings, to my way of thinking, are wishes: for love, laughter, health, prosperity, & all things good. I wish that all peoples might enjoy the happiness of home & hearth, the fullness of having enough to eat ,and, as trite as it may sound, peace on earth & good will towards each other. Never, perhaps have those words meant as much to me as they do at this point in my own history. We are about to enter into a New Year that is filled with so many different kinds of challenges, and yet, in the midst of all the potential for fear & sadness, there is , always, hope.



Gunnels blog said...

So much snow !!!

Happy Holidays !!!!

Barbara said...

Beautiful snow!! I love your Angel and all your thoughts about it. I've enjoyed seeing your other TIF challenge pieces throughout the year. Hope you have a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2009

Robin said...

Very wonderful piece, Marie!!! I agree with your sentiments and thoughts about blessings.

Your post makes me think about what I would like to give to everyone and everything in the universe... and that is respect.

Thanks for a great post! And blessings to you... Robin

La Tea Dah said...

Peace to you as well, Marie. Enjoy the snow --- and wish it away soon! Being snow-contained really does give cabin fever! Fortunately the kids are home for the holidays and we are coping with snow, snow, and more snow! I love your angel art --- absolutely beautiful. I wish I could paint. Sigh. I cannot, but I learned to make earrings the past few days and have more than twenty pair now! Can you guess what my friends are getting for Christmas? LOL! It sure was fun!

Enjoy a blessed day!

jenclair said...

What a lovely angel! Merry Christmas, Marie, and Blessings to you for the coming year.

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