Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Chop & New Card Experiments

I think that I am developing a chop fixation. I love them. I had this one made by a carver in China that I found through EBay under the seller's name "asiatrip". It took some back and forth - and finding a suitable stone to hold the amount I wanted but it was made and I love it ! When DH saw it he thought that the "Om" sign was "30" and when I told him what it was he said that he did not think people would understand. I replied that those who needed to understand would! Hummmm - now the question is what do YOU think. Was he right?

I took a book out of the library that I am going to have to get. It is called Ultimate Cardmaking
by Sarah Beaman. I had to try one of her amazingly simple but oh! so fun cards. I added the quip about not letting anyone move your cheese because my boss at work always says that when we get a bit 'tetchy' about continual changes in forms! I plan to work on some refine ments to this card - to make it more of my own.

I also have been making some more gift tags (with ATC card stock) from the Gesso challenge. This is one that I have made raking the gesso with a comb to give it a 3D effect. A friend suggested using Golden absorbent ground as it taks color better and so I am going to have to try some of that - and soon I think !

Hope eveyone is having a happy, playful, de-light-ful Saturday !


Lindi said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for visiting mine.
I like all your work. You are very creative.

I think many people here would recognise the written Om. It is very popular. Personally, I love it, not just for what it means, but i also love the design elements in sanscrit writing.
Your chop (not an expression i have ever heard used before, in this context) is fabulous.

Sandy said...

It's a nice chop. I ordered the card book from the library.

Deb said...

How cool! I thought about having a chop made but then the cynic in me conjured up some poor underpaid carver having a good laugh selling me a chop that actually says "Pot Smoking Monkey" or "Large Tiger Droppings" just like some of the trendy folk got for tattoos when they wanted "Brave Heart" or "Dearest One" . Leave to Bold Marie to get it right!

KathrynAntyr said...

I think the chop rocks! Just yesterday I was looking at Chinese art on ebay and saw some chop artists. My son is into Kung Fu and the Samurai so I'm looking for items with this theme for his Christmas presents. I was thinking of the chop for ME.

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