Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time For Reflections

When I painted this little piece I was thinking of peace - and calm. I am still fond of it.

Not much has been happening today. I made some new felt pieces for bags & finished up on two pieces that I will open my Etsy store with soon. I puttered here & there. I have been somewhat reflective lately. My dreams have brought back snippets of the past - none that were unpleasant at least, and maybe that was the point. Life has been good. Calm. I love calm. I am not sure that I could survive living in a large city again. I have become so used to the quiet of the country. Night sounds of owls & the other night creatures including our foxy friends, but no traffic , sirens or racing cars. The daytime sounds of hawks, ravens & eagles, rushing brooks and sea birds chasing the tides. No sirens,horns,buses or irate people. Peace is good. I am happy. A day of reflection is a good thing. I wish you all blessings in your week ahead. Iwish you all peace & calm.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I sure agree with you on calm. I couldn't go back to living in the city. Can't sleep when I visit those who live there.

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