Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Most Relaxing Day

Today has been one of those days when I have done nothing but rest, it may even have been the most relaxing day that I have had in many years - reminiscent of some Sunday's in my early 20's before the specters of truly adult responsibilities & having too many things to do in a day appeared in my life. With this relaxation however has also come a bit of anxiety. I have not done anything today. I have not produced anything. I am chomping at the bit to begin a new quilt, but I have not managed to decide on which one - of the many that are floating about in my head - I want to commit to. I want to sit and sew the day away, but I am not yet prepared to do so. I have, therefore, been embroidering on some more bags & knitting some gifts for the holidays. How is ,I wonder, that having such a gloriously 'nothing' day can also bring with it this slight edge of anxiety? Maybe because I feel like I must be producing something every day? I am committed to finishing this day out with a sense of peace & happiness - and gratitude that DH has been so relaxed as well (he's on vacation) that I am actually able to do nothing & not feel a passel of guilty thoughts about it. Nice really, that his being on vacation has also allowed me to also have a vacation of sorts - and I think that being able to rest so much these days is allowing me to remain well & ready to kick my Houston trip off "in the pink". Hopefully, by the time I leave I will have my next quilt started at least!

It is my belief that feather's are the "notes" or "messages" from the angels. I have collected feathers for many years. This enchanting little bit of perfection found me today. I like to think that the angels too gave me 'permission' to take the day off.

Blessings to you all as the new week begins. I hope that you are also experiencing some rest and peace today.


Sandy said...

I know the feeling. WE must produce. You need to rest before Houston. I collect feathers too. It seems that every time there is stress in my life, a bird leaves me a feather-it really lifts me.

Fannie said...

I wish you refreshment and peace.

Judy said...

My legs were exhausted from all the walking at PIQF. Great show, but I was happy to have one more day off to relax. You could start one of the triangle quilts like Kathy's Pyramid Pazzazz! Congrats on getting the Etsy show up and running.

Patty said...

Good for you! A vacation, whether it be a few hours or a few days, is necessary to recharge our batteries and get us prepared for the high expectations we set for ourselves. Enjoy them as they come. My best friend who had been visiting from out of state for a week left Sunday morning so I spent a lot of time reflecting on our sister-like relationship as I caught up on chores. It was a good day for me as well. I have a lightened heart because of her.

La Tea Dah said...

I found a feather this week --- and thought of you --- and of angel wings and God's love. Thank you for your post.


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