Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Example Of Why I Never Say Never Any More ! Plus Thanks To Michelle Ward!

I have never had any interest what-so-ever in making a doll. The mere thought of it made me giggle to myself. Me? Make a doll? No way ! Well here I am - making a doll. I became enchanted with the dolls that Gail Wilson makes and some time ago I ordered a patter for her "Peace Angel". I started it this week and can tell that I am going to thoroughly enjoy this. I now am the proud owner of another of her patters for a group of sweet animals. Can't wait to work some more on this doll when I get back from Houston!

Did you notice the WONDERFUL new banner? I am indebted to Michelle Ward for this. She took photos of some of my favorite pieces and somehow worked her magic to create this one of a kind blog header for me. Thank you Michelle! From the bottom of my heart! If you have never checked out Michelle's blog - you owe it to yourself to do so !


Vicki W said...

I LOVE your new banner! Doll making - now I'm pretty confortable saying "never" to doll making. Dolls have creeped me out since I was old enough to be given them. Now crows, that's a different story - I adore the crows!

sandra wyman said...

Love your new banner - really suits your current style of work - and its nice to see Mr Crow again.
I could get into dollmaking too - once took a workshop with a wonderful dollmaker.

Sue B said...

the new banner is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Marie, I love the new banner! I also love your new bag in the Etsey shop. So cool.

jenclair said...

The banner is AWESOME, Marie! Love it!

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