Friday, September 12, 2008

Fluffy Ribbons & Thoughts On Time Drains

Epley admires his very own "Best Of Class" ribbon - he notices that both of his ribbons are blue!

It's been a busy week..not bad ,just busy. I have managed to keep up with my written journaling - which has become a more & more meaningful part of my day. The fine writing instruments have helped pump up the volume! I have managed to do some knitting in the evenings - my pair of wonderful, soft, alpaca silk fingerless gloves are just about done; ready to keep my digits warm as the colder weather approaches. I have, however, been struggling with a time drain issue & I am just not sure how to deal with it - or maybe it's just the full moon this weekend that is making it an issue. Maybe it won't be any issue at all tomorrow. The time drain issue is really just about how much time I spend online. It's a large chunk of time that I keep thinking I could be using to create more; sew, felt, paint, write - so many things I want to do & just not enough time to do them all .. oh yeah .. and there are the little unalterable things like a job and hearth and home that all require time and attention as well! I love email and would never choose to not have it - were there ever an option again ! It is not always my favorite means of communication though - and most of my close friends know that when I don't write back they need to call me. I enjoy my blog too - I won't give it up. Does anyone ever go through these time drain issues or are you all adept at managing all of your time and getting everything done - and done well - with time to spare? Sometimes I just get so frustrated - I don't know what to do. I do know that I have to try to pare down my on-line time just a bit - yeah that's not going to be too easy! I feel so schitzy sometimes - I have all of these things I want to get out - on paper, on cloth, on felt- and so many different mediums I want to become more proficient in. I'll never do that though if I keep spending so dang much time lolling about cyberspace. If you have any strategies pertaining to online time management - I'd love to hear !

My thoughts and prayers are going to friends who live in Ike's path. Stay safe !
My favorite cell case got a a lovely Special Award ... have I mentioned that I like the fluffy ribbons?!
Three Fleece Bag got a nice blue... but it's the story about this bag that makes it special to me!


Vicki W said...

Congratulations on all of the ribbons!

Rainma said...

Hi Marie!
Found you through the wonderfully creative Melinda! Yes, I as well go through those periods when I can't seem to get much time. But I am uber organized in some ways & lax in others! I actually timed things I do to see if I was on or off track. What I thought took 15 minutes often times took over 30. I also group like things together...baking bread, cookies, pies, etc. all on the same day. I try to set aside one day a month to work on unfinished projects.
I to have been a writer/jounaler and quote collector for years & IT DOES MATTER what kind of pen we use!

Exuberant Color said...

Congratulations on all of the ribbons. Your work is spectacular!

Doreen K. said...

Congratulations on all your ribbons. I am not surprised, your work is wonderful.

Sandy said...

Wow! You did Ok, but that's not a surprise.

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