Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fountain Pens: A Fabulous Fixation

I have mentioned before that I have become a fountain pen hound. The 'bug' has taken hold of me! Good fountain pens run the gamut of pricing - from $15.oo to $1,500 & up. Needless to say, my pens are from the low end of this scale! I have decided that I will most likely concentrate on mini fountain pens... like the lowest one in the photo above.
The photo shows: top to bottom:

Pelikan 120 with an italic nib that I have had since the 70's. Still a favorite.
Levenger Golden Tortoise. Smooth, lovely writer!
Bexley Simplicity model in love love this pen!
Libelle 'Autume Leaves' - all of my favorite colors in one pen - how can I not love it !
Monteverde Charisma - mini pen that is one of my absolute favorites. I like it so much that I have decided that I will, most likely, concentrate on mini - or compact-FP's

I wish I was closer to a source for pens - having to operate "in the blind" can be difficult, but the folks at FPN (Fountain Pen Network) are a tremendous help & offer lots of information & non-partisan reviews of pens & inks. I simply cannot believe how much of a difference using a nice pen can make. I journal so much more now because there is so much less stress on my hand and wrist-and I doodle way more now too...and the doodles become quilting patterns for me. Fountain pens are really a very good thing - everyone should try one just once !

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Vicki W said...

They are little pieces of art on their own.

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