Sunday, August 31, 2008

Energy: "Tell Me True;This Is What I Ask Of You!"

The dedication card & the paper that was attached to the necklace.

There is so much talk about energy. Focus your energy, don't waste your energy, energetic healing, energetic counseling, finding energy - you get the idea - the list of energy related catch phrases goes on & on. I do believe in energy work. Tai-chi, Reiki etc. I also believe that energy can be focused - with intent - to Tarot cards. I have had an interest in Tarot cards since I was a teenager when they had a similar appeal to the Ouija Board. I never really thought much about the Tarot since then because I really did not like any of the available decks & I really thought it might be 'all in my head'. I also firmly believe that we need to respect energy work - you do, at times, really get what you ask for - so intent must be only for good.

A few years ago, for some long forgotten reason, I was researching Tarot imagery (most likely for a quilt) & I came across a deck designed by Kat Black. Her first deck is the "Golden Tarot". I ordered it & instantly fell in love with the images. I have a definite penchant for Europen history - including all of the period art work - and Elizabethan England is a real study topic for me., and has been since I was a teen. Kat is a visual artist & she has managed to combine & manipulate historical paintings in the artwork for her cards - a real feat ! There had been rumors of a new deck from Kat for some time - but nothing seemed to be happening until earlier this year when I found an advertisement for an advanced issue of her new deck which is to be called the "Touchstone Tarot". It's available through Tarot Connection.What can I say, I ordered an advance issue of the Touchstone. Hopefully this deck will be available for the general market in the Spring of 2009 - I think that's what I read.

The 'Touchstone" arrived loveingly packaged in it's own soft, beautifully lined little drawstring bag. In addition to the deck a beautiful stone necklace was enclosed along with some of the most intoxicating incense I have ever smelled. When I saw the dedication (top photo) I knew this deck was 'for me'. Elizabeth-esque portrait of my 'hero' & a meaninglful 'catch' phrase: "Tell me true, this is what I ask of you". I have not had much time to work with this deck yet, but I have to say, that the few times I have used it the results were quite pointed & most definitely relevant to the question asked. The Golden Tarot is somewhat larger and the edges are beautifully gilt. The Touchstone is smaller and fits comfortably in my hand. The edges are plain.

If all of this seems a little 'new age' & 'woo woo' to you I understand. I have not lost my sense of reality, nor have I succumbed to some retro attack of my hippy days. I do believe, however, that one CAN focus their energy - work with their energy - and find the answers they need with positive, good intent ..... we all work with energy every day. We ' get a gut feeling', catch an odd 'vibe', steer clear of a place for no apparent reason - that's all energy..... we are, after all, composed simply of a mass of energy ourselves. How could we possible not believe in using it for healing, for feeling or for asking for help! If, by some chance, you are a person who does like Tarot cards - this deck is pretty amazing - if only for the art work!
The Queen of Cups in the Touchstone on the Left and the Golden on the right
The 'Star' card - this time the Touchstone is on the right & the Golden is on the left

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