Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Robots: Bad Bad Robots. Thankfully, I Am Back.

Well, it appears that Blogger managed to trounce (or at least I hope they did) they wayward robots that made so many of us so very irritable today. I think I was "gone" for two days....though some might say I have been "gone" for a long time !

I will enjoy catching up a bit here starting tomorrow. I am feeling better and am looking forward to rejoining blogland once again. Because of this 'bot mess at Blogger I had already made contingency plans at Wordpress and was trying to decide if I wanted to invest in TypePad. Problem is that I am so comfortably ensconced with Blogger that I was not very happy thinking about the time that I was going to have to invest to redo everything. I also found, in my meanderings today at Wordpress, that they don't seem to be as flexible as Blogger is- so I was probably going to have to go to TypePad. I am really quite relieved that I don't have to change. I really believe in the folks at Google and company . I hope that they will manage to make amends and that nothing like this will ever happen again.

Bad robots....bad bad robots

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