Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Visual Journaling : Week One: Page 1

Last week I began an online class with Sharon Boggins through my favorite craft class place, Joggles. The Class is called "Studio Journals; A Designer's Workhorse" . This is the first page. Although I am not sure that it is exactly what Sharon had in mind - it is what hit me when I thought about beginning, at last, a more visual way of charting my days. I have journaled for more than 20 years now - some years were spotty - but the more often I wrote ,the more I had the pleasure of reviewing in future years. It goes along with my belief that in order to really know (and appreciate) where you are, you need to know (and remember) where you've been! My closest friends have a way of being my alternate memory repository. Lauren , Maria , Sarah & Janet are always reminding of this or that that we did years ago. I love having this alternate source of memorabilia - to fill in the times that I had pushed aside from active memory. I think I will really enjoy being more visual in my jounrals. It was a change I had been contemplating for some time. There are times when just one visual "memory" can bring a flood of all of the tastes, smells and feelings of the time. I'm lovin' this class - so far !


Fannie said...

Hi, Marie~

Sounds like a great class. Journaling regularly offers many benefits. I have found it to be beneficial in understanding and appreciating the past and present. It's also a good documentation for future generations.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

jenclair said...

I've noticed that several bloggers are taking this class so it will be fun to see the different directions that will develop!

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