Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flower Fairies

Of flowers and feathers and fairies that fly
on wing dusted grey and shattered blue sky
Of eagles that soar on ribbon colored rain
of skies drizzling color as the lone artist paints
A swirl of gold amidst the dusty, dry trail
that ribbons and winds around the fairy's tale.

s.k. lindeman

Yesterday, enchanted by some of the most luxurious poppies I have ever seen,I started snapping photos. I had to take a break from sewing to enjoy the sunshine & flowers! My meanderings made me think of the flower fairies - wondering if I could capture a glimpse of one through my lens. I think perhaps I did ! Maybe that's we love so much about flowers - they can transport us to to another realm if we just take the time to look! Blessings on this Sunday to one and all!

1 comment:

Robin said...

Ah-haaa! I saw you out there taking photographs... This one is lovely indeed, and so is the poem. Thanks for sharing!

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