Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally! Doing Some Catch Up

Thus far this weekend I have been able to make some headway. Thankfully! I believe I will meet the dead-line for the Grab-Bag Challenge - I just getting into the quilting phase now. I need to check the "rules" sheet - I don't think I can post any photos of it yet. I am also within minutes of having my 'Take It Further' piece for May finished. I am going to be able, at last, be able to get somewhat caught up with Judy Laquidara Quilt For An Hour piece. I am happy with the colors I chose -and think it will make an unusual quilt.

"Poison" greens have always been a favored color for me, but, before I became so totally enamored with oranges & reds, my favorite colors were "my" "poison" greens & teals. I have never been too much of a true blues fans- and cool, pale blues make my eyes squirm ...maybe it's my memories of the requisite pale blues & other pastels that many of my high school classmates (notice I didn't necessarily say friends) wore to "fancy dances" when I was growing up . I wore deep red moire or black! Anyway, I feel that my needs are, once again, beginning to swing towards teals - and, as always, more & more "poison" green. Wonder why they are called "poison" green ????? Back to the machine - I REALLY want this Grab Bag Challenge DONE & outta here ! Have a great SUNday !


Doreen Kinkade said...

Wow, love the colors. Can't wait to see what you make.

Gunnels blog said...

Love this colours too!

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