Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Button Fetish

Some of you already know that, thanks to Stephanie's inspiration, I have become button making obsessive! What you may not know is that I am also a history buff. Making Dorset buttons manages to satisfy both passions by making me feel a real link to the past & to history. I have, thus, been looking for books that aid and abet my compulsions. Nancy Nehring's book , "Fifty Heirloom Buttons To Make", covers not only Dorest buttons but a variety of other breath taking specimens that boggle my button addled mind. I simply had to send for Marion Howitt's little book, "Fact File: How To Make Dorset Buttons". Since Ms. Howitt lives in Dorset it seemed like the perfect connection! Had I known that she had another little tome available on the history I would have ordered it at the same time to save on postage. Now I'll have to wait. The last photo in this post is from her book - the others ar from the Nehring book. I can't belive how glorious a simple button can be. All of these years when they were nothing more than a means to a closure...and now they are an endless fascination for me.

1 comment:

jenclair said...

Oooh! Beautiful! I may need to order both books. I've had such a good time making these buttons since reading about them here. Thanks, Marie!

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