Friday, May 30, 2008

Beautiful Birthday Orchid & The Best Dress For Your Ipod !

My birth's anniversary is not until tomorrow but, when I got home form work today, I found this beautiful early present from DH. If an orchid could be custom made just for me - it would be THIS orchid. It's my favorite green-gold color (more green really than the photo shows well) and came in a lovely pot. I am going to try my best not to kill this one! It's a WoW flower!
I had been trying to find a solution for protecting my IPod. I was not impressed with anything that I had seen. I didn't want a large case. I didn't want a hard case. I didn't want a fold up case. Nothing was very appealing. I stumbled upon the website for Gelaskins - and, well, my oh my, were there ever choices! There are so many awesome designs ! I figured that I just had to try one and see if it was, in fact, what I had been hoping to find. My Gelaskin arrived today and I am happy to say that it is, in fact, exactly what I wanted. It's one of my all time favorite Kandinsky prints (my personal circles symbol!). These little feats of artistic dress up for you tune machine come in all sizes & shapes (even for your lap tops - guess what's on MY new wish list?!). They don't damage your machine, can be changed at whim, are easy to put on, don't fold up & stick together before you can get it down and are made from an eminently durable (thank you 3M), nice feeling material. A screen protector is also included & it is undetectable both off as well as on. All of the pieces are precisely cut & fit perfectly. I think that the screen protection would be fabulous on my camera screen too come to think of it. My IPod still fits neatly in my little carrying case. If you want to dress up your IPod as well as protect that mirror like finish - check out these awesome Gelaskins. I really don't rave on about too many products any more - but these are gotta haves!
PS: Although they come from Canada - their shipping was very prompt - another selling point!


Vicki W said...

Your birthday seems to be off to a fantastic start! I hope you are doing something special tomorrow. Happy Birthday!

Jeannie said...

Beautiful orchid for a wonderful person, Happy Birthday! I hope the sun shines all day and you do what your heart desires. Cheers.

Patty said...


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