Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aunt Doe's Quilt

I'm trying not to wallow in sadness. Trying to force myself to do the things that need doing. Yesterday, with all of it's sorrow, also marked the day I finished the quilt top for our Aunt Doe. Today, one of the things that needs to be done is sewing (seaming) the backing for this quilt. I am using a cream colored ,double micro velour, fleece from my favorite Malden Mills. It's Aunt Doe's 90th birthday in August and I know that she will like this quilt! Some years ago I gave her a small quilt & she always mentions how cozy it is and how much she uses it. This quilt is 88" X 109 ". Betsy Sauther of Nautilus Quilting is going to grace the top with her beautiful longarm artistry.

I have a passion for reproduction fabrics - both 19th century & early 20th, so my collection is rather embarrassingly rich. With the exception of the background white on cream fabric, this was made using stash fabrics. It's a very small part of my stash reduction plan. I think that the pattern is the most traditional of traditional, and some years ago I had cut it out of issue #99
( Sept/Oct 2004) of Quiltmaker magazine. They call the pattern "Chimney Sweep" - though I know it has many other names. I just call it traditional comfort! The finished blocks are 11.25". I like it well enough that I think I will make another for our bed. I seem to bounce back and forth between making traditional & art quilts. I love the balance it gives me. Next up is the fast approaching dead line for the Grab Bag challenge. I will really be pressing the deadline on this one so please wish me luck and energy to get it done in time!


mouse (aka kimy) said...

sometimes wallowing in sadness is the thing do do...but I also find that having things to do - like working on a quilt - makes the wallowing less racking and more therapeutic.

I also have a fondness for reproduction fabrics...what a beautiful expression of love for your aunt this quilt is - she is certainly blessed with a most wonderful niece!


Karoda said...

Marie, this quilt is beautiful and radiates love.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your pets...hangeth in and peace.

jenclair said...

So sorry about Mr. T - such a difficult, heart-breaking loss.

Love Aunt Doe's quilt.

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