Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Trip Down Quilt Memory Lane

Join me in another trip down memory lane! Above is a LeMoyne Star quilt. When i made it I thought it was so dang good. I didn't know that there was a much better way to join the inner points so that they would lay flat. My machine quilting was truly awful - and I thought everyone used muslin as a quilt back ! It looked good enough on a wall - but I keep it now to remind myself to never be too pride-full. There is always a lot to learn no matter where you are in your quilting life!
Everyone, it seemed, had to do a Maple Leaf design. This one is just when I had laid out the blocks prior to putting them together. I didn't usually take photos of much of work back then. It's also odd to look at my quilts - not nearly as much color as I seem to always use now!
I have always love Log Cabin blocks - and I still do. This is the first quilt I made using Log Cabin blocks. I made it during a particularly stressful time in my life - and called it "The Rocky Road of Life" - though I suppose "Streak of Lightening" would not have been a bad title either! It's the first quilt that I used polar fleece as a backing - with no batting. Now I still use polar fleece but I think that using a batting layer works best. It adds some stability and looks much better - and prevents shadowing too. Come to think of it - it feels like time to do another Log Cabin block quilt sometime soon! At least this one showed some lively colors - despite the rocky road I was on !


sandra wyman said...

Gorgeous quilts. I particul;arly love the restrained palette in the maple leaf blocks.

Stephanie Pettengell said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your quilts. More, More.

Rhonda said...

Love walking down memory lane...Come to think of it, nobody makes those kinds of Star quilt anymore....huummmmm, I need to make a Lone Star quilt again....soon..

Exuberant Color said...

I tried to leave you a comment yesterday but the "Internet cannot display this page" came on and it was lost. anyway I wanted to say I love log cabin too and I know I still want to make several. I have overflowing boxes of 1.5 and 2" strips of batiks. There are so many layout possibilities to keep us interested.

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