Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book Review; "Creative Felting" by Lizzie Houghton

I just had to see what lay in the pages behind the cover of this lusciously illustrated book. The illustrations & the text in this book are fabulous. Rich color, gorgeous real life photos, lyrical text. Ms Houghton has a well illustrated section on techniques in the front of the book and then she introduces the use of the the techniques in a series of near essays on color families. "Fern" as an illustration under 'Greens'; "Forest Floor" under 'Oranges' etc. Personally, I found the projects a bit difficult to follow BECAUSE of the beautiful photographs - and also because the "how to" section is in the front. Surely many(maybe even most!) folks will not find that to be a deterrent ! I MUST buy this book (I got it from our wonderful Inter-Library Loan this time) & I think it is a very worthy addition for any felt enthusiast's library. It's beautifully done and provides glorious eye candy. For simple "how-to's" however, I think there are other books that might serve a bit better - especially for beginners. I am so pleased to see that more & more good books being published about this amazing craft that has absorbed my attention so thoroughly in recent years! Thank you Lizzie Houghton and all of the other wonderful author's who are writing inspiring books on felts and felting!

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