Saturday, April 12, 2008

All About Faces Lesson 2

This weeks lesson from Paulette Insall's class ,"All About Faces", concentrated on creating a very simple background and then painting the face shape onto the canvas - and shading. Paulette calls this the "rough under-painting" - which will be enhanced and completed with her technique that utilizes Caran d'arche Neocolor II . I am SO looking forward to learning this technique - and am sure that, once I learn it, I will want to go and get a full set of Neocolor II's.

It was interesting to make the backgrounds and I had a lot of fun just priming and painting canvas'. I am also finding that I enjoy carrying my smaller sized sketch book around - nd look forward to finding a few minutes to sketch. Paulette has already taught me quite a bit. Small things that I wouldnot have even thought to ask about - or wonder about before.


Gunnels blog said...

Such a great backgrounds! I would love to could do theme!

StegArt said...

Your progress looks great Marie! I really like the colors and textures in that bottom canvas.

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