Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weather Quirks

stock "hail " photo from the net

Well - remember those quirks I was concerned about for the sake of the little rufous hummingbirds? Well - we had hail and snow this morning ! It's gone here now - but the roads were bad dor a time! The mainland had lots of snow (relatively speaking of course) over night.
No snow all Winter - and now , hopefully, a last gasp ! I hope the hummers are okay!


Sandy said...

We had snow too but have had more this winter than usual. Vancouver, WA usually doesn't have any. Cute hummingbird.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

Your hummers will be fine, we lived at 7500 ft. and many times the weather would turn back to snow and sleet and the hummers were always back at the feeders before the snow had time to start melting. Sometimes we would even have a hummer that would weather the storm, sitting at the feeder and fluffing up to keep warm. We had rufous also, along with black chin and broadtail.

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