Saturday, March 1, 2008

My newest Favorite Kithen Helper

For people who live in a warmer climate I am sure that there is little need to have an indoor type of grill - since I suspect you can almost always grill out doors. For me though, with cold - & sheer laziness at times, having the ability to grill indoors is desirable. The first Grill I had was a small George Foreman model that worked wonderfully. After it finally wore out, I replaced it with another Foreman product. That was a big mistake. The 'upgraded' model was close to useless. I found I never grilled anything while I had it and when I did I uttered a few expletives until the grilling (and I use that word very loosely) was done. Finally, I decided that we had to replace this useless appliance with something that actually did the job it was designed to do. I am most happy to report that the the "Griddler" by Cuisine Art is a fabulous little kitchen 'toy'.

It does an admirable job of grilling steak and chicken (complete with perfect grill marks) and did a fine job this morning on bacon. There are also smooth grill plates included - sort of like a flat top griddle - that you can use for pancakes, eggs etc if you wanted to . I am so happy to have something that works again. Now I am about to order a real grill for the outdoors too --- my own personal vote of confidence that Spring is close to springing!
The smoke is from the bacon cooking - and what a fine job it did on that. A full pound cooked perfectly in almost no time !

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