Saturday, March 15, 2008

Miracles Happen

"Miracles surround us at every turn if we but sharpen our perceptions of them"
Willa Cather
My list of things to finish grows while my list of things that are not completed seems to grow exponentially. I have been having anxiety attacks over it. Foolish me ! I have been considering limiting myself to one craft form over another - and the appeal of that plan lasts but a moment. There are too many things that fire my imagination - that need to be more fully explored and integrated. I did , at least, finish up this little painting that is meant for a friend. I have been working on mixed media and this is made of paint and paper, fabric and sparkles. My friend needs a miracle. I know that the angels will provide one for her & her family. My anxiety is such a silly thing when people are facing serious life challenges. I am trying to take Mary Englebreit's admonition to "Snap Out Of It" seriously!

The weather continues to be anything but Spring-like, although the temperatures today are, indeed, a bit milder. Still not nice enough for the cats to want to laze about on the deck and ask for a catnip fix though. Wishing everyone a good weekend filled laughter, health & happiness.


Sue B said...

a lovely piece of work Marie. You know I think if we could get some decent spring weather we'd all feel better about everything. This cold gray weather is definitely not doing much for my enthusiasm!

jenclair said...

I'm hoping for the Miracle your friend needs and know she will love this lovely little angel you have created for her.

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