Saturday, March 8, 2008

Behind The Proverbial Power Curve Again

This is where I have been more than usual this week - work. I worked today as well - which is very unusual for me. Maybe that's one reason that I am feeling very negligent about catching up with my friends, writing blog entries with real content & finishing up some projects that I really want to work on - along with the the usual sundries of daily living like cooking, cleaning & spouse attention. Time, which always feels like it is in overdrive anyway, seems to enter some odd sort of warp - making me feel like the White Rabbit running around all at loose ends. The farther I go the behinder I get ! Work was at least enjoyable - and I really did not mind being there. I am lucky in that I enjoy what I do - well, mostly enjoy it ! I am going to go and actually sew now - and will return renewed & with, I hope, some more interesting entries ! Happy Sunday to you all !

1 comment:

lettuce said...

thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

i love your painting and knitting - esp. your use of colour, just lovely.

and its so lovely seeing all the spring flowers on blogs around the world just at the moment.

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