Monday, March 10, 2008

An Angelic Touch

I have never been much of a doll aficionado (at least since I gave up on Barbie) & I have never had much of a yen to make dolls. I have, however, been enchanted by the dolls that Gail Wilson designs & makes. I collect angels and when I saw that she has a line of angel patterns, I decided to give one a try! Gail's style is decidedly folk art & I know that I will make the pattern somehow "my own", but her work is really something special. The presentation of the pattern is lovely & the instructions are very thorough & well done. There is a little bag of included goodies for completing the doll: a felting needle for felting the provided hair into place ,a pencil for rouging, and a tiny tin of of antiquing wax- something I have never heard of but am anxious to try. If you have ever thought about making a doll - or just like folk art - click on the highlighted link to enjoy a some eye candy!


m said...

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zquilts said...

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