Saturday, February 16, 2008

Uh Oh ! Tagged!

Stephanie Petingell has tagged me ...I guess this is similar to the Meme craze- but maybe a bit different. Stephanie is responsible for getting me hooked on making Dorset buttons !

Here a the simple 'rules' for this round of tag:

1. When tagged place the name of the person and URL on your blog
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself
4. Name 7 of your favorite weblogs
5. Send an email letting those bloggers know they have been tagged!

Seven things about me ..... hummmmmmm
1. I used to love to skydive.
2. I became an licensed pilot in 1983.
3. I started quilting in 1976 - before that I was in love with weaving and spinning.
4. My father did not want me to study art.He said if I had to study art than I should be a
cartographer so I could make money.
5. I also wanted to be an archaeologist - he didn't like that idea either!
6. I have a passion for history - especially Elizabethan. Basically 16th to 19th centuries.
7. I love blogging - and that is a true surprise to me !

Now the hard part .... I read so many blogs regularly - and learn so much from them.
I'll chose just a few then: This is a hard decision folks - there are so many great friends that blog - and I read every day......
1. sarah - my friend and energizer bunny who always has something interesting to write. she's up to her neck in alligators - so I am not asking her to participate !
2. LaDonna - her blog is just about nice,gracious living. Just always a pleasure to read!
3. JenClair. I look for her blog - she seems to have similar tastes to mine and is always posting about something interesting.
4. Kim. I love her blog! Her mind is also in tune - and her thoughts, hand work and photos always make me stop and think. Mouse medicine is a good thing in this case !
5. Vicki. I have been a follower of Vicki's blog for quite awhile now. SHe has mondo energy and makes incredible things - she too is a shutter bug and we love birds. I am tickled to be able to call her a firend !
6. Kathy. My fun clowning around friend in Texas. I love the information and fun things she always posts about. She's as good a friend as one can have - and she's really talented too !
7. Deb. I LOVE Deb's blog. She is another kindred spirit - we hail from the same area in the world and I look forward to her adventure every day !
8. Elin. What can you say about someone who has more talent in their pinkie than you have in your whole person?! Her work is amazing.
9. Sandra. A favored friend. She's been having a go with health issues this winter - so I won't expect her to participate either - but I had to mention how much I love her blog. She is a great person that I have to meet one of these days !
10. Teri. Wow ! Is she ever talented! THE most amazing paintings.
11. Sue. Sue is a dynamo - a powerhouse. She makes amazing journals that she sells in her Etsy shop, is an incredible weaver and all around artist. Sue has more energy that I have ever had - and I sure DO envy that !Sue and Teri put together the fabulous publication (though I can't believe that you have not heard of it by now!) called Fibre & Stitch.
12. Waltraud. Her blog is always a treat - lots of good eye candy - and a great person !
13. Gunnell. I love her handwork. I enjoy talking with her - she does some amazing work !

There's a Baker's dozen of the blogs I read all the time. There are so many more though ! Next time for the next round. Thank you all for making my world a much more interesting and friendly place to be !


Vicki W said...

I'm blushing my friend! Thank you! You blog is also one of my favorites.

La Tea Dah said...

Thank you for tagging me, Marie. My mind is busy trying to think of seven things about me! LOL! I can only come up with one!

I enjoyed your list --- how neat that you are a pilot. You live in the perfect place for flying!

Enjoy the rest of your week-end.

Gunnels blog said...

Thank you so very much Marie for your kind words!
I dindn�t know you was a pilot! Wow!!

Sue B said...

Well good gracious that's high praise! thanks so much for saying such kind things, I do appreciate them. I have counted your blogs amongst my favorites to visit for a while now and I really enjoy the friendship that we've formed through our blogs. Someday we'll get to meet in person!

StegArt said...

Wow Marie! You continue to amaze me. A skydiver and a pilot?!? What can't you do? Thank you for the lovely comment and I'm so glad we've become friends...I also enjoy your blog and your art.

Waltraud said...

Hi Marie,
thanks for tagging me. It is a great honour for me. I also love to read your posts and to see all the wonderful things you are creating.

jenclair said...

Skydiving and a pilot! I wanted to be an archaeologist, too, and also have a passion for history with a special love of the Tudor Period.

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