Friday, February 8, 2008

Take It Further February

This month's challenge from Sharon B includes the palette above and asks the question : 'What are you old enough to remember"? I had an intitial reaction to this - and that was the colors in the Woodstock poster .... I was a genteel hippy I suppose and , althouygh I did go to Woodstock, I found that it was too dirty and so I soon wended my way to a hotel for a hot bath & room service! I know how prissy that sounds - but I have never been too fond of dirt!

My mother's second husband was an artist -a very good one - and I had the use of a myriad of art products, paints, paper, brushes, pens etc, that I would never have beena able to find in my Father's conservative home. I am grateful for those supplies - as they led me through a circuitous route to creativity - from art to career and back to art again with a huge sigh of relief that I could leave the career suits behind me.

My Grandmother had a lovely home on the Hudson River. It had a coal fired furnace, a hand pump at the kitchen sink and an outhouse. I lived there by myself for some time and learned that, although it heats well, coal (as well as wood) warms you twice!


Deb said...

I was living on Cape Cod when we heard about the Thruway being close. Full of Wisdom gets out on Rt.6 with thumb in the air headed for the Free Show! We got all the way to a house party in Boston watching what we could on TV and pretending with loud stereos, deli food AND toilets and showers. I hate to camp too.

Vicki W said...

I don't think I have ever known anyone who actually went to Woodstock. At least you had the common sense to get a hotel room! Having seen photos I never understood the attraction to spending a weekend wallowing in mud.

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