Thursday, January 17, 2008

Projects: One done; One Almost Done

I was looking for a no brainer quick to make project last week while I was in class and decided that I would make a simple scarf. Problem is that I can't wear wool around my neck ! This "Softwist" by Berroco will work I think. It's 41 percent fine wool and 59 percent viscose. It feels so soft and silky - and knits up really easily too.

While we were away I also managed to finish a pair of socks I had been working on. These were done with SoxxAppeal. The color is 9580 and is called 'Jungle'. It's a very cushy, springy, soft yarn. I really liked working with it. After these were done, I started a pair of socks using the new Noro Kuryeon sock yarn. Noro yarns are my favorites. I like using them in almost everything - so I was happy to get a chance to pick up some this newest of their products. The feel of the sock yarn is , well, different. Thus far they are looking nice - though using a size 1 needle however may mean that they will take me a long time to finish ! I'll post something when I get a bit further along with at least one of the socks !

For any of these yarns - if you are local to Anacortes Washington go to Anacrosstitch. It's a bright, friendly, fiber full place that new owner Kristi has stocked with all of the latest and greatest yarns & fibers. Previous wonderful owner, Lois, is still involved as well and teaches classes at the store. The selection is amazing! I often wander the store aimlessly - just touching all of the fibers she has to offer. Hanging out at their table is a great learning experience!

Okay - back to my fabric projects and my needles. Have a great day y'all!


StegArt said...

I've never attempted socks and don't know that I have a desire to. I like how they look though. I sure wish we had some nice yarn stores where I live.

tangled stitch said...

Love the socks. Great colors and the take it further challenge is lovely. What a lovely blog you have!

Shannon said...

What perfectly gorgeous work!

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