Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just In Case You Think I have Been Idle

Sometimes it may appear that I have not been stitching at all. I have, in fact, been sidetracked recently by the wonders of my new camera & by the likes of those fabulous little Dorset Buttons. My camera & I have bonded & I am trying to come up with an appropriate name for it. Suggestions? I now find myself stopping the car more frequently to take a photo or two along the way. Despite that I have, in fact, been stitching quite a bit both with thread as well as with wool.

I finished my new scarf made from Berocco Soft Twist. It's wonderful.There is just the right amount of viscose in the yarn so that I am able to wear it next to my skin despite the wool. It's a great yarn!
Here is the new Noro sock yarn. Almost done with sock number one - using Cat Bordhi's pattern from "Socks That Soar" - my favorite book on socks because it taught a new knitter like me to knit socks ! I am still not sure what I think of the yarn. I am a die-hard fan of Noro yarns - and use them more than any other yarn. I guess I will have a better idea of what I think after I wear them a bit. It's somewhat coarse - I know -duh! that's what Kureyon yarn is like! It has some slubs - also like standard Kuryeon - that can make the stitches look more uneven than I like in a sock.I think I might like a smoother yarn. Maybe I just wish they had made the yarn from Silk Garden instead. Like all Noro yarns however, the colors are simply the best!
Also recently finished are my "Pop Up Paws". I love this convertible mitten pattern. I have never made a glove before - so there are some obvious defects in my first attempt. This is such a great pattern though - it keeps your hands so nice and warm - and flipping the 'Pop Up' is easy up & down. The directions are very detailed which is nice for a beginner like me. Next pair, I will make the ribbing & cuff longer and the Pop Up longer as well. Still not sure if I would make a closed thumb on the next pair. Might depend on how cold the winter is! I like it open for this year anyway. Makes stopping along the road and snapping a photo or two so much more easy & comfortable!


StegArt said...

It would appear you haven't been idle at all. Great knitting! How about Cammy or Cameron for a name?

Vicki W said...

I don't think I realized that you did so much knitting. All are beautiful projects! that sock yarn is beautiful and the gloves are very clever. I ordered my new camera today and can't wait to get it!

Sue B said...

cool socks!

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Love the idea of the pop up paw mittens.

kimy said... have been stitching away!!

love those socks they most certainly soar, are sure you aren't a 'dye-hard' fan of noro yarn!

I am incredibly impressed that you tackled those 'pop-up paws' it looks so difficult. I'll have to see one of my local knitting buddies would be willing to tackle them.

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